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TaxSnaps is a cost effective and convenient business expense receipt tracker for those who want to accurately capture and securely store details of tax deductible expenses.

Our simple and easy to use software is ideal for New Zealand companies and organisations that issue staff credit cards. Easily invite, link, view and analyse staff credit card spend via our Administrator Account Portal.

For self-employed individuals TaxSnaps is perfect for those who want to log their business invoices or receipts and keep good expense records but do not require a comprehensive or expensive accounting software package.

TaxSnaps is cloud based and therefore it enables individuals to easily upload and view their business expenses as they incur them, wherever they are. Hence less time logging, retrieving and tracking receipts at the end of month through automated and secure expense report generation. TaxSnaps pricing plans are via a subscription service with IRD approved cloud receipt storage for your business expenses.

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TaxSnaps Founder and Managing Director

Guy Anderson

Guy Anderson
Chartered Accountant

Guy is responsible for the Strategic and Operational aspects of TaxSnaps. He has over 12 years’ experience with financial roles in the accounting, private equity and automotive industry.